COVID-19 two week forecast

How many active cases will there be
based on the recent daily growth?

How can you help stop the spread of COVID-19 / coronavirus?

We need to think societally as we act individually

The choices each of us make will have a cascading effect on the health of many others. What we need to do is very straightforward, even if it's not what we might want.

  • Physically separate-from (but be socially-supportive-of) each other. The virus does not spread by eye-contact or a kind word spoken from a safe distance (2+ metres).
  • Remember that soap melts coronavirus like it's a wicked witch. (Feel free to squeal "you'rrre melttttingggggg" while washing your hands if that keeps you motivated for the full 20 seconds.)
  • Watch for the common symptoms of fever and cough (often dry) and report these to your doctor and anyone with whom you recently came into contact with (which you didn't because you were isolating, right?).
  • You don't need to hoard. If you get sick and need to stay home, you probably have friends, neighours, family or access to companies that would be happy to bring you whatever you need. Growing-food and driving-trucks (and yes, even manufacturing toilet-paper) aren't activities that communicate disease; They will continue. The only thing that will interrupt the supply chain of the necessities is hoarding.

Help a social-media n00b out

Sure, I know how to build a mean website but I don't know a thing about social media, except how to make these lovely icon-links to it. If you've found this site to be of any use to you, it would be great if you could share it out. I have no other way of letting people know it's here. Thanks!


Do I need donations to keep this website going?

That's nice of you to ask but so far it's manageable. I will post something if it becomes too expensive.

For now: Keep safe! Keep others safe!